The Ultimate Safety Package


MultiProtect is Anker’s exclusive 11-point suite of advanced safety and protection systems.
There are many risks associated with other generic rapid chargers—overheating, fires,
even explosions. MultiProtect ensures complete safety for all your devices and most importantly, you.

  • Input High-Voltage Protection
  • Output High-Voltage Protection
  • Input Current Regulation
  • Output Current Regulation
  • Automatic Current Matching
  • Input Short-Circuit Protection
  • Output Short-Circuit Protection
  • Static Resistance
  • Device Overcharge Protection
  • Battery Overdischarge Protection
  • Output Temperature Control
Briefly describe
At Anker, we take safety seriously. We know exceptional safety
requires keen attention to detail and a plan for anything that could
go wrong. Our leading development teams have painstakingly
researched the safety concerns afflicting other chargers,
and used this knowledge to develop our comprehensive MultiProtect systems,
which range from static resistance to output current regulation.

MultiProtect’s systems are integrated into virtually all of our chargers,
providing our users with unmatched peace of mind.
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