Fast. Universal. Wireless.
PowerWave’s exclusive technology automatically adjusts to your device’s
high-speed threshold, cutting up to an hour off of charging time.
10wFor Samsung
7.5wFor iPhone

PowerWave at a Glance

Superior Compatibility

Works with all Qi-enabled devices, and supports the fast-charging protocols of the latest iPhone and Samsung models.

Case Friendly

Transmits uninterrupted charging power directly through even heavy-protection phone cases.

Fan-tastic Cooling

A state-of-the art internal fan pushes hot air out, preventing slowdown and keeping charging fast.

Superior Safety

Automatic shutoff, foreign object detection, radiation shielding, and more combine to provide the ultimate protection for you and your devices.

Charging Time Comparisons


Charging MethodOutputTime to Full Power

iPhone X

PowerWave Wireless Chargers7.5 w3.1 h
Other Wireless Chargers7.5 w4.3 h
Conventional Wired Chargers5 w3.2 h

Samsung S8

PowerWave Wireless Chargers10 w2.6 h
Other Wireless Chargers10 w2.6 h
Conventional Wired Chargers15 w1.7 h

WaveBoost Technology

High-speed charging is supported by an advanced,
highly efficient chipset and a state-of-the-art cooling system.

3 hPowerWave
4 hOther Wireless Chargers